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Geoffrey Boycott not happy with the players for prioritizing IPL over national duty

Former England cricketer Geoffrey Boycott has become angry. He is angry at the cricketers who are more interested in earning money than playing for the country. And he has said directly that the IPL is all about making money.

He made a quote in the British Daily Telegraph after a comment from Chris Silverwood, the head coach of the England cricket team. Silverwood said England cricketers who are playing in the IPL may or may not play at the start of the Test series against New Zealand. Boycott’s anger is against England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) as well. Because, when Silverwood made that ecstatic statement, Boycott thinks that ECB is also involved in this decision. 

In the column, he writes directly about the England cricketers who have given priority to the IPL. In his opinion, it seems that the cricketers have forgotten that they were appreciated in the IPL after being named for the country, the call came from there. So they should have given priority to England over the IPL being grateful to the national team.

Biosecurity is now the key to continuing the sport amid the pandemic. But this system is affecting the mental health of the players. That is why in cricket, a matter of rotation policy or changing players has started. The ECB particularly want to follow this policy to ensure the emotional comfort of the cricketers by swapping them in different versions. However, in India, following the policy of ‘swap’ has created problems. The England team had to leave the field in a miserable debacle in the Test series.

Boycott has sharply criticized the swap policy, saying England has caused trouble in India by pursuing the swap policy. The ECB should not take the cricketers as bland. He came out with his thoughts in his column, ‘Cricketers are complaining a lot about biosecurity while playing for the country. But the funny thing is, they can leave their wives, girlfriends, and children without hesitation to play in the IPL, that’s all I can say.

“I want the players to make good money, I also wish that,” he said. But that is not by leaving the representation of the country. I don’t think they should be called up to the national team if they don’t want to play for the country in the whole series.’

Players might be thinking differently because of the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup. They might consider the IPL as a good opportunity for warming up in the Indian conditions. But these disputes are surely putting some stigma after the name of the players.

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