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DRS to be embedded in the forthcoming T20 WC 2021

ICC has announced that the Decision Review System (DRS) will be used for the first time in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup held this month. The previous six editions of the ICC T20 World Cup did not have a system for reviewing umpires’ decisions. However, according to the playing conditions of the T20 World Cup 2021 starting from October 17 in Oman and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), both the teams playing in the match will take a maximum number of two reviews per innings.

In July last year, the ICC changed the review system due to the Covid-19 infection. Two reviews have been given in each innings in T20 matches since that time. The uncertainty of getting a neutral and experienced umpire in all matches was considered the main reason behind this decision.

However, this year’s World Cup matches will have an ICC panel of expert and neutral umpires, but it has not been reduced to the number of reviews. All teams are going to get two reviews per innings as mentioned earlier.

Apart from that, the ICC has decided to increase the minimum number of overs if the game is delayed due to rain or any other issues. As per previous rules, a minimum of five overs in any T20 match was enough to get the result. The rules will remain in force in the group stage of the upcoming World Cup.

This rule will change for the three matches of the semi-finals and final. Both the teams have to play at least 10 overs to get the result in the three knockout stage matches. Otherwise, the match will be declared abandoned.

In 2016, the last edition of the Men’s T20 World Cup rolled in the field. Until then, the use of a review system in T20 cricket has not started. However, the review system was firstly used in the Women’s T20 World Cup in 2018, and later in 2020, it was also adopted. It is understood that it is going to exaggerate the fairness of the games of the tournament indeed.


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