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Change in rules of ICC T20 WC 2021 Super 12 seeding; Bangladesh and Sri Lanka deprived of the scheduled advantages

Three days after the start of the T20 World Cup 2021, the ICC, the highest governing body of cricket, has decided to change the rules. On the day the World Cup schedule was announced on August 17, they said that Bangladesh and Sri Lanka would play in the Super 12 as the top team in the group, whatever the points if they could pass the Round 1.

But almost two months later, on the fourth day of the World Cup, they took away this advantage given to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. In an email issued by the ICC yesterday (Wednesday), it was informed that the position of Bangladesh-Sri Lanka has not been determined. Instead, the position of the group will be decided by considering the points in the traditional rules.

According to the previously announced schedule, if Bangladesh were runners-up from Group B, they would have moved to Group 2 of Super 12 as B1. Similarly, in group A, whatever the Sri Lankan champion or runners-up, if they qualified, they would play as A1 in Group 1.

According to the rules, Bangladesh would face India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, New Zealand, and a team came from round 1 in group 2 if they could advance to the Super 12. Now, if you can become the champion in the group according to the changed rules, you will get the opportunity to play in group 2.

And if they are runners-up in their group in round 1, Bangladesh will have to play in Group 1. There are already Australia, England, South Africa, and the West Indies. Besides, another team will come and play round 1. This can be confirmed after the last match of Bangladesh in round 1 today.

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